Thursday, September 20, 2012

Film History-Birth Of Cinema

     PAST: Today I had the absolute delight to view one of the most incredible pieces of cinematic masterpieces of our time! Viewing "A Trip To The Moon" was an incredible experience that I will never forget and I applaud the many people who worked on this piece. With the many amazing effects that were present in this film, the brilliant actors, and the large intricate sets a beautiful creation was made. I felt as if I was really taken to the moon! I highly suggest this film due to it's enjoyable story and fabulous effects that just blew me away! 
    PRESENT: Viewing "A Trip To The Moon" was quite an experience. For it's time this film was super fantastic and futuristic. The effects were used to make the story dynamic and adding them made it more believable. Even though this film is out of date I still was captivated when watching it. I think this piece is timeless because it shows how far we've come and let's us glimpse on how magical and foreign  the moon used to be to the many on Earth.