Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Re-Creation Era

American Cinema today although completely new and changing from day to day still contains traces of traits from early cinema era’s. The film industry today, I believe is a mix of technology and culture affecting recent films in a new, strange way. 
          American Cinema today is in a stage where technology still is a major part of the film industry. In many recent movies such as Avatar technology seems to have been a big factor in the production of it. The American film industry is still advancing a creating new ways to do things such as the special effects used in Avatar. These special effects are new and exciting bringing in tons of seats in hundreds of theaters. A big improvement in technology that is not exactly as recent but being used more and more often is 3-D. Almost every movie in theaters at this point in time can be offered in 3-D. Disney is even re-releasing their classics in 3-D pulling in the younger generations of movie goers with fancy 3-D. Technology is still changing the way American Cinema is today creating exciting new worlds that could have never been in a film before.
The culture of American society today is a complicated jumble of many different beliefs and thoughts that make up American life today. Mainly a large portion of the films today seemed based on a sort of activism which our society seems to be obsessed with right now. Everyone is trying to be activists and it really effects how filmmakers are creating today. It seemed as if all at once a mass of American’s went “ Save the Earth” crazy, which don’t get me wrong is great but there seemed to be this never ending stream of pro-wildlife movies from the big studios including Disney’s Wildlife and African Cats.It has also come to my attention that Hollywood studios are also doing a lot of re-creation of old movies or stories. It seems as if the creativity pool in filmmakers nowadays is running dry and studios are resorting to re telling old stories. A number of films such as Footloose, originally released in 1984 was re made in 2011 are just being recreated into a shiny, up to date version of the original story. 

Another part that affects how the film industry today is how making movies is as easy as it ever has been. In earlier times to make a movie it took a ginormous budget and a complete crew with A-list actors to even get it in theaters. Now you can just push a button and bam you’re making a movie. This art is more accessible to everyone and is creating amazing results. With the easy use of IMovie and YouTube now suddenly everyone is becoming filmmakers and creating amazing things. Because of YouTube more than ever people are collaborating to make films that are completely new and reflecting on how the culture is affecting us even more than professional filmmakers can at this time. 

American Cinema today is amazingly new with the technology and new participants to make it something great. Although some parts are a drawback this film era I believe would be called The Recreation Era.