Thursday, November 13, 2014


By Anna Tubbs and Gintare Zukauskaite



A prime time producer just called you up and wants to work with you on the next big Blockbuster coming out next year! This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you only can get the job by sending in a Space Reel. There are around 10 other filmmakers that are being considered for this job so if you really want to succeed you have to be the best. You get one week. GO!

A Space Reel is composed of different clips with the qualifications accurately presented below.

  • Deep Space- Urban setting, exterior.
  • Flat Space- Textured landscape, exterior, no horizon line usage.
  • Closed Space- Exterior, Rural
  • Open Space- Cluttered interior
  • Ambiguous Space- Must use a person
  • Surface Division- Interior, **Bonus points if it’s square on rectangle**
  • Limited Space- Exterior, nature must be present


  • Every single shot must be in line with the given circumstances.
  • MOS.
  • Must include at least one person.
  • If extra details are indicated above for a certain space then follow them.
  • Include your name and title of the reel at the beginning.
  • Make it exciting! No one wants to watch something boring.
  • Each clip must be at least 20 seconds long.

Examples Of Reels

What Will Get You The Job

  • 30% Originality
  • 50% Understanding and correct usage of shot
  • 10% Aesthetic Value
  • 10% Guidelines are followed correctly.